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Picture This – “Winter’s Beauty” January 5, 2010

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This photo is being sent in for “Picture This Photo Contest”

I took this picture outside my apartment complex office. They have a big deck that look over most of Knoxville and I wanted a cool picture but I ended up with more macro shots that I just love!

Please click picture for full size. It may not show the whole picture depending on your window size. Any comments or advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you! :)


8 Responses to “Picture This – “Winter’s Beauty””

  1. Susie Says:

    That is beautiful, it looks like powdered sugar!

  2. Beautiful photo – I love the red against the snow :)

  3. joco Says:

    Hello there,

    Your half-hidden treasure is red, and mine is blue :-)
    They would look nice together.

  4. I have no advice, just praise. Very lovely image, I like the red berries in the clouds of fluffy snow.

    I can see why you would get so excited to have such a nice covering when you don’t get it that often.

  5. stevesmelody Says:

    I love it!

  6. Melody Says:

    Pure white and clear red – what a great combination! Good luck with the contest:)

  7. Beautiful shot, with the red berries standing out against the snow. The only suggestion I’d make is that it might be more dramatic if it was a brighter exposure, but then you might lose some of the detail of the snow. Here’s a cold weather photography tip: learn how to shoot while wearing mittens. ;^)

  8. I like it. My only comment would be I might have brightened it up a little bit, but I could be totally wrong about that, I’m no expert.

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